door2door-Whitepaper proves: ridepooling will individualize public transport and dramatically reduce traffic

11 februarie 2021, 10.09 - Afaceri   Auto   Tehnologie  

Berlin - 11 februarie 2021 -

Reshaping mobility for the better needs on-demand-ridepooling now

Cities and rural areas are facing very different mobility challenges in times of climate crisis, political targets for providing public services, and demands for participation. But how do we reclaim the city for people without losing the comfort of private mobility? How do we empower suburban and rural areas to be attractive without personal cars?

The first steps have been successfully taken; the “tool” just needs to be used with courage on a large scale. And it will. Because legal regulations and the cities’ desire to be climate-friendly are currently changing public and shared mobility for the better.

On-demand-ridepooling can be implemented quickly and meets future requirements, is data-driven and tailored to customer needs from the very start - the perfect solution between flexible but inefficient use of private cars and the traditional public transport operator (PTO) business.

Mixed fleets and use cases: The uncaptured value lies in increasing the vehicle uptime across all fleets. Stronger integration into the public transport network and easy-to-design, intelligent pricing together with holistic approaches results in mobility at a profitable level. Ridepooling will individualize public transport and is the only option for dramatically reducing traffic in cities.

The whitepaper elaborates and discusses how door2door identified key challenges and how we can overcome them by leveraging several tools to foster the true benefits of ridepooling.

About door2door

door2door is the German market leader for ride-pooling in urban and rural public transport.
The company is a technology partner for municipalities and provides local mobility analyses, the integration of all existing public transport services in one app and the addition of ride-pooling to the service.

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