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20 ianuarie 2020, 02.23 - Media / Publicitate   Evenimente  

Hamburg - 20 ianuarie 2020 -

news aktuell's communication blog has gone bilingual with immediate effect. Selected articles in German will from now on be available in English as well. The dpa subsidiary aims by means of this addition to meet the requirements of an increasingly international communications sector. The news aktuell blog reports on communications issues, including PR, marketing, journalism and human resources (HR). 

"Our target groups are becoming increasingly international. Many of the topics that the communications sector here in Germany is concerned with are also of interest to our colleagues abroad. And conversely, there are many international firms establishing themselves in the German market that are interested in German communications issues," news aktuell chief executive Edith Stier-Thompson says. "That's why we aim to make our content on the sector available across national linguistic borders to drive forward the international focus of our corporate strategy."

Following the visual and content-related relaunch in April 2019, news aktuell has now expanded the blog with an English version. The blog deals with a wide range of issues in the fields of communication, PR, media relations, marketing, journalism, the media and human resources. The articles focus on the issues that currently concern the sector – whether as best practice contributions, as interviews or as guest postings from experts.


About news aktuell

news aktuell, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), provides companies and organizations with effective access to both the media and consumers. Utilizing the smart tools "ots" and "zimpel" PR content reaches all media formats, including classic print titles, wide-reach online portals or social networks. In addition, news aktuell publishes all of its clients' PR content on, one of Germany's widest-reaching PR portals. Thus, all relevant multipliers are reached worldwide, ranging from editors and digital influencers to specialist bloggers and interested consumers. Communications specialists from all over Germany rely on the expertise of the dpa subsidiary. news aktuell has been on the market since 1989 and employs over 135 people. The company is based in Hamburg. Further locations include Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

news aktuell GmbH
Janina von Jhering
Deputy head of corporate communications
Phone: +49 40/4113 - 32598

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